Dedicated to highlighting and facilitating tech-based innovations in the East African sector.



To fully realize an advanced technological infrastructure -a key prerequisite of developed nations- which utilizes technology to drive impact + social enterprise solutions throughout the East African region.

What We Do

01.identify+highlight ->

Identify and highlight technological challenges in healthcare, agriculture, energy, commerce, arts and education. We vet and report through various channels including: blogs, documentaries and web series.

02.facilitation ->

Invited organizations, specialists and fellowships join in to develop strategic plans for projects or simply fill in gaps for existing ones.

03.resources ->

Our network of angel investors, venture capitalists, foundations and individual donors use The Rift to connect to our supported projects.

04.impact data

We conclude by providing distinct clarity around the impact of both projects and donations. This data can take the form of thought leadership + innovative solutions or as an in depth look into previous areas of focus.


Creative adaptability is the key to successful development.



Our founders and executive board hail from East Africa, its diaspora and beyond. With backgrounds in oil & gas, politics, the creative arts and more, they’ve organized their efforts into a unified vision for social impact + economic development through the lens of technology. 

The sector is situated on the East African Rift Valley, a massive continental rift which stretches from Ethiopia and south to Mozambique with two main branches. The area now boasts economies that are among the fastest growing on the continent with explosive potential for next-gen advancements. 

The Rift exists exactly because of that: to bridge the proverbial "rift" between East Africa's developing nations and those of the developed world. 


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